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What are some common symptoms of a colon problem?

For many colorectal disorders, symptoms do not appear until the disease progresses to an advanced stage.

Do not wait until you are symptomatic to test yourself!

Some common symptoms of a colorectal disorder include:

  • A change in both the habits and appearance of bowel movements, for example frequent diarrhea, constipation or a narrowing of the stool
  • The presence of blood in your stool or in the rectum
  • Frequent gas pains, for example cramping or stomach pain
  • Feeling as though you need a bowel movement, even though you just may have had one
  • Prolonged tiredness and fatigue

The above symptoms will not necessarily result in a diagnosis for colon cancer, but a detailed check-up is recommended including testing for gastrointestinal problems.

Since colon polyps can be detected in the earliest stages and typically may result in colorectal cancer, test yourself often and visit your doctor regularly.

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