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ColonCARE: Home-use immunological FOB test

As featured on Good Morning America

ColonCARE is a rapid, convenient, hygienic and highly sensitive method for the qualitative detection of occult blood in feces, which may be indicative of gastrointestinal diseases associated with bleeding such as colorectal carcinoma, Crohn´s disease, ulcerative colitis and colon polyps.

Only 1 bowel movement is needed to perform the test and results are available in 5 minutes. The test is performed in the privacy of one's home.

Traditional fecal occult blood testing is done with a 3-slide guaiac (e.g. Hemoccult) test. One slide is used with each of 3 successive bowel movements. There are numerous interfering substances when performing these fecal occult blood tests and, as a result, strict dietary restrictions must be met. Upon completion of the slides they must be returned to a physician or laboratory for interpretation.

Current home-use fecal occult blood tests work with this methodology. They require 3 stool samples and adherence to dietary restrictions.

ColonCARE incorporates antibodies that are specific to human hemoglobin and, as a result, interference from other sources is not a factor.

  • How to use the test
    • Apply plastic wrap to a toilet seat to facilitate the collection of a stool sample.
    • Using the included collection stick, poke the stool in 3-6 places.
    • Put the collection stick back into its bottle and shake it.
    • Break off the tip of the bottle and apply 2 drops of solution to the test cassette.
    • Read results in 5 minutes.
  • Accuracy
    • At or above the detection limit, the accuracy of ColonCARE is 99%.
  • Test Interpretation
    The test is interpreted 5 minutes after the buffer solution is added to the test cassette. The test is positive if 2 lines appear on the test cassette and negative if only 1 line appears (see printed instructions for details).
  • Limitations
    Full product specifications including limitations available upon request

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