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Guaiac FOB test for the medical professional

Worldwide, approximately 500,000 people die each year of colon cancer - including 57,000 Americans. Despite diagnostic improvements (high contrast berium enema, colonoscopy, FOBT, flexible sigmoidoscopy, etc.) an increase in the success rate of curative treatment for colorectal carcinomas has not been achieved over the past two decades.

The chances of successful treatment are essentially dependent on the stage of the tumor's development and the beginning of treatment. In stage I, the success rate is approximately 96%. Unfortunately, symptoms are minimal in the early stages of the development of a tumor or neoplastic polyps. As a result, treatment usually begins at an advanced stage.

Therefore, all efforts have to be focused on the early diagnoses of colorectal carcinomas and adenomas. Early detection and treatment can help extend a patient's life expectancy. Adenomatous polyps, as well as colorectal carcinomas, which develop without inducing pain, can be detected by testing for fecal occult blood,. As a result, carcinomas are caught at an earlier pathological stage than those diagnosed with symptomatic patients.

CARE Products' diagnostica hemoCARE is a modified guaiac test for the detection of fecal occult blood, which is administered with the patient's cooperation. Altogether 9 stool samples are collected by the patient on 3 different days and then sent to the physician, who applies a buffer solution and interprets the test result.

hemoCARE is superior to other fecal occult blood tests as a result of:

  • Three boxes per slide are used for the application of stool specimens.
  • The buffered developer solution provides a stable pH-value, which results in optimal color development for the test's interpretation.
  • hemoCARE's high quality filter paper allows the blue colors flow to the periphery in positive tests making it easier to read.

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