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Immunological FOB test for the medical professional

immoCARE 25 PackimmoCARE is a rapid, convenient, hygienic and highly sensitive (0.05 µg hHb/ml) method for the qualitative detection of occult blood in feces, which may be indicative of gastrointestinal diseases associated with bleeding such as colorectal carcinoma, Crohn´s disease, ulcerative colitis and colon polyps.

Traditional fecal occult blood testing is done with a 3-slide guaiac (e.g. Hemoccult) test with one slide being used with each of 3 successive bowel movements. There are numerous interfering substances when performing guaiac fecal occult blood tests and, therefore, strict dietary restrictions must be met. Upon completion of the slides they must be returned to a physician or laboratory for interpretation.

Many other fecal occult blood tests apply guaiac or other oxidizing methods with three stool samples and adherence to dietary guidelines.

immoCARE incorporates antibodies that are specific to human hemoglobin and, as a result, interference from other sources is not a factor.

Additionally, only 1 bowel movement is needed to perform the test and results are available in 5 minutes.

  • How to use the test
    • The patient collects a stool sample using the provided collection stick, then puts the collection stick back into the bottle of buffer solution.
    • To develop, shake the bottle of buffer solution with the stool sample in it.
    • Break off the tip of the bottle and apply 2 drops of solution to the test cassette.
    • Read results in 5 minutes.

  • Accuracy
    At or above the detection limit, the accuracy of immoCARE is 99%.

  • Test Interpretation
    The test is interpreted 5 minutes after the buffer solution is added to the test cassette. In an FDA mandated usability study, test results were interpreted correctly over 96% of the time when compared with the reading of an expert reader.

  • Limitations Full product specifications including limitations available upon request

immoCARE is recommended for use in medical facilities as a screening test for colorectal cancer or gastrointestinal bleeding from any source.

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